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angels lost - Carlee

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July 18th, 2004

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04:11 pm - angels lost

arg, the Angels lost today:( it sucks, but they'll come back tomarrow.. im sure.. i was shocked to see that the umps took mike scosica out of the game.. i was mad. but whatever what can you do..

yeah so did you see the game on friday with David ortiz's outburst? i thought it was pretty entertaining since i dont get to see that often. haha he should be suspended for a while


but anyway, at least i got to watch the game, i wuold have been working normally, but i got sick last night. and so i called in sick which worked out for me so i could watch eck:) at least he got a double!:) woo! go eck!

well im just gonna hang out around the house now. ttyl bye

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