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August 13th, 2004

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12:37 am - good day

aSorry i havent updated like with real details for awhile. i went to Seattle for a wekk, which was super fun, i'll tell more about that later. i stayed with my cousins and my aunt it was awesome. i loved university of Washington. awesome school.

Anyways, more of that later, well im back now and working again. sounds painful and stuff. but work is actually going pretty well especially in the people department. if you know what i mean. but if not...

well there's this guy at my work that i found out a few weeks ago from my other friends at my work.. his name is ryan, who likes me. yay.. he is very very cute and extremely nice... so ... now its been a few weeks and iget messages about him and get teased and stuff lol and now today my friend told me that he is super close to asking me out, and when i told him i would say yes (cuz he asked me) the whole store was like "OOOOOOOO" lol you know what i mean. im just really excited.  i hope this works out. this would be the first for me:) well we'll see

and then thats pretty much it for today at least. well gotta go its late. i'll tell more about stuff later bai:)

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Date:August 15th, 2004 08:53 pm (UTC)
Glad that things are working out for you, where the more details you want to tell later huh? And change the font, it's very hard to see.

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