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August 13th, 2004

01:55 am - quizzes

Name 1
Name 2
They like you too? TRUE
Will you ever get together? (8) - Most likely. - (8)
How many dates you will have? 786
How much money spent on the first dat? $196.73
Will it work out, if you get together? (8) - Signs point to yes. - (8)
Your love for each other is... - 93%
This quiz by XuNsPoKeNxFeArSzX - Taken 361 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

yay:) that makes me so happy hehehehe

Punk Band Name Generator
Full Name
Your punk band will be named Lemons
This QuickKwiz by pacdude - Taken 984 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology


thats it for now..
more later

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12:37 am - good day

aSorry i havent updated like with real details for awhile. i went to Seattle for a wekk, which was super fun, i'll tell more about that later. i stayed with my cousins and my aunt it was awesome. i loved university of Washington. awesome school.

Anyways, more of that later, well im back now and working again. sounds painful and stuff. but work is actually going pretty well especially in the people department. if you know what i mean. but if not...

well there's this guy at my work that i found out a few weeks ago from my other friends at my work.. his name is ryan, who likes me. yay.. he is very very cute and extremely nice... so ... now its been a few weeks and iget messages about him and get teased and stuff lol and now today my friend told me that he is super close to asking me out, and when i told him i would say yes (cuz he asked me) the whole store was like "OOOOOOOO" lol you know what i mean. im just really excited.  i hope this works out. this would be the first for me:) well we'll see

and then thats pretty much it for today at least. well gotta go its late. i'll tell more about stuff later bai:)

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August 11th, 2004

12:44 am - omg omg!!

sorry ive been gone for a week or so.. so i havent updated for a while.. but im back.. i was in Seattle. it was fun.. anyways i'll talk about it later

tonight the angels lost. but thats okay they'll get those orioles. cant spell lol anyways

guess what i got?!?!?!?! ECKSTEINS SIGNATURE!! YAY! he lives in an apartment community that my mom manages sooo he came in and she got it for me.. YAY YAY

im soo happy im getting it framed tomarrow:) or just buying a frame

either way

well thats it bye

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July 22nd, 2004

11:35 pm

Yay, finally the Angels won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11-1.. oh yeah gooo Angels.. hehe they beat those Texas Rangers.. i just hope they can keep this up.. yah:) eckstein was sitting out today, too bad.. but he needed a rest.. so i'll see him tomarrow..

yah i hope they beat those seattle mariners up bad!

ooh i rented a baseball game for ps2 today, and i was the angels it was hilarious.. i was eck of course. lol it was weird.. haha

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July 21st, 2004

12:58 am - Yellowcard-Gifts and Curses
I love this song.. its so good.. by yellowcard... so here it is
Mary belongs to the words of this song
I try to be strong for her
Try not to be wrong for her
But she will not wait for me 
anymore, anymore
Why did I say all those things before
I was sure

(She is the one)
But I have a purpose
(She is the one)
and I have to fight this
(She is the one)
Villian I can't knock down

Ibright New York sky see your face
with every punch I take
and every bone I break
It's all for you
And all those pains of words
I cannot say
Still I will always
fight on for you

Mary's alive in the 

The city lights shine for her
above them I cry for her
Everythings small on the ground below
down below
What if I fall then
where would I go
Would she know? 

She is the one
all that I wanted
(she is the one)
And I will be haunted
(She is the one)
This gift is my curse for now

I see your face
with every punch I take
and every bone I break
It's all for you
And all those pains of words
I cannot say
Still I will always
fight on for you

(Instrumental break*)

I see your face
with every punch I take
and every bone I break
It's all for you
And all those pains of words
I cannot say
Still I will always
fight on for you

fight on for you...

fight on for you...

Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: duh.. i hope you could figure that one out!

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July 18th, 2004

10:40 pm - David Eckstein Commercial!!!!!

Today as i was watching the angels game.. there is a new Del Taco commercial.... with... who else but.. DAVID ECKSTEIN:):)

he's the cutest.. :) 

Go to www.deltaco.com/content_ads.html then click the angel talk picture and see him talk about being a lead off hitter!!

It definitely made my day:)

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04:11 pm - angels lost

arg, the Angels lost today:( it sucks, but they'll come back tomarrow.. im sure.. i was shocked to see that the umps took mike scosica out of the game.. i was mad. but whatever what can you do..

yeah so did you see the game on friday with David ortiz's outburst? i thought it was pretty entertaining since i dont get to see that often. haha he should be suspended for a while


but anyway, at least i got to watch the game, i wuold have been working normally, but i got sick last night. and so i called in sick which worked out for me so i could watch eck:) at least he got a double!:) woo! go eck!

well im just gonna hang out around the house now. ttyl bye

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July 13th, 2004

07:27 pm

Hey... its my first lj entry.. hurray.

So today was just a fine summer day, of just hanging around the house watching tv. too bad there isnt an Angels game on today.. yes but at least th eres the all star game.. on right now actually.

I love the Angels, obviously.. blah blah..

I dont have much to say right now....

I'll post later.. bye

Current Music: Dashboard Confessional- Vindicated

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